Rainy Fall Wedding at Private Residence

 Alaina & Tyler | Brighton, MI

You wedding day is something you plan for for a long time -sometimes months, sometimes a year, for some people as long as they can remember. In your mind you want everything to be perfect down to every last detail. In all honesty, from my experience the day will never go exactly as planned, but in the grand scheme of things it's important to remember the true meaning of the day. It's not about flowers, or cake, or beautiful dresses, it's about the day that you commit forever to the love of your life. With all the things going on that day, that's the only thing that matters. I could say this over and over again.

When you plan an outdoor wedding, you are taking a gamble, you are leaving it to chance that the weather will be perfect or at least something thereof. And sometimes the weather is truly a dream, and sometimes it just doesn't want to cooperate. I'm a sucker for the outdoors and any outdoor wedding. I love when couples give it a chance and really love it when couples are willing to roll with the punches when it doesn't work out the way they planned.

A fall wedding can be so beautiful with moody light and deep rich autumn colors, and it can be even more beautiful with a little rain. A little rain it wasn't though, it was A LOT of rain. Only tiny pockets where it even slightly let up. For some this would have ruined everything. Alaina & Tyler's dreams of marrying under the willow tree in her father's backyard had changed. Everything would be different. But for this couple, none of this mattered.

I met these two for coffee at the beginning of last year and what is often a 30 minute -1 hour meeting turned much longer because they were so excited to be married and so excited to meet with me and share all about their love and what they had planned. They were so easy to talk to and so happy to be planning for their big day. When their rainy day came, they were the same happy couple I first met and it was the perfect celebration. They didn't hesitate to throw away the umbrellas and get a little rained soaked for some photos. Honestly photographing these two it was like I wasn't even there. They were in their own world, separate from all the chaos of the day and relishing in their newly married status.

It was such a joy to get to know them and witness their love. I'm so grateful to have been a part of their rainy celebration. 

Special thanks to my second photographer, Samuel Marz, for also rolling with the punches and holding my umbrella. A few of his photos are included.