This chick. She is one of my oldest friends. My freshman year of college I went in blind with three other roommates and as luck would have it, Emily was one of them. We became the best of friends -throwing room parties, going on day adventures around campus, and spending hours in the cafeteria making up nicknames for all the cute guys. If there was mischief, you best bet she and I would be in it together. Which is why we affectionately called each other, PIC (partner in crime), and still do to this day. We have shared so many memories together, and now I am so happy to be able to share in this memory with her and her husband, Mike. These kids are going to be parents and everyone is pretty pumped about it!

Em and I used to sit on the front porch of our apartment talking about what it would be like when we were both moms one day. She had this grand dream that we would all live in her hometown and raise our babies together -we'd have mom cocktail hours while the kids napped and all would be perfect. Life is a little different than what she had dreamed up, but we're not far off, and it's crazy to think that very soon she will be a mom.

I'm looking forward to watching these two tackle parenthood, meeting baby Lew and becoming Aunt PIC! And I'm STILL looking forward to mom cocktail hours ;)