Man, I love this beach and this couple. Danielle contacted me in the early spring of this year looking for a photographer to document her and her husband, Mike, for their one year anniversary. They eloped last October in the mountains of North Carolina (so romantic!), and they were looking to visit the West side of the state for their anniversary and wanted to find a place to take photos where they could get that same sense of adventure. I LOVED this idea.

Michigan doesn't have mountains, but it has OH SO MANY beautiful aspects of nature to explore. What is the best part of West Michigan in my opinion? The lady lake herself. I had been wanting to take photos at this lovely beach in Holland for awhile now, and I thought the dunes and the lake made for a perfect pure Michigan adventure for these two. Danielle and Mike embraced the dune climbs and the random autumn heat wave and just enjoyed being there in the moment, celebrating their first year as husband and wife.

Danielle even said she is thinking they will do an anniversary session every year. Um, yes. That is a fabulous idea. Document your love throughout the years, friends. Not just your wedding day. The years fly by, and it's important to remember all those little moments. And of course, don't forget to go on random adventures with your boo ;)