When I was little I always remember vacationing down to Florida for winter break. It was something I looked forward to because I LOVE the water and my birthday is in February so I was often able to spend it someplace warm (snow is not my thing).

This year my sister and I spent a few days down in Florida visiting my parents who snowbird down there in the colder months. It's been awhile since it's been just us four hanging out together and I definitely felt transferred back in time when my sister and I had to share a room with twin beds again. Family means a lot to me and we are all close, so we had the best time laughing and yelling at each other. We went to the beach, visited friends, and even enjoyed the St. Patty's day parade. We also celebrated my dad's birthday with him which is a rarity because we are always apart in the winter. I bought him his first green beer! How has he never had green beer?! His birthday is the day after St. Patrick's day! This guy.

I am not great at remembering to take photos while on vacation. I much rather be present, but I also love looking back on the memories so I tried my best to make an effort to document our trip. We're all a little different and a little too much alike sometimes, but time was well spent with these three, and I am thankful for them.

Lauren Crawford