Amelia Clare

My cousin Annah is seven years younger than me and I vividly remember the day my mom received the call that her parents were pregnant with her. We were all so excited for a new cousin!

I babysat her and her brothers when they were small, and though I’m not too much older than her I feel like I watched her grow up. Annah has always been an old soul, made to be a mother since she was born. She grew up “mothering” her three younger brothers and her six younger cousins as she was the oldest and it just came naturally for her. I remember telling her that even though she was younger than myself, she would be a mother first, and she just smiled and said, “Yup.” And now she is! It’s just SO crazy to me.

Her husband Drew is the absolute sweetest and watching him help Annah and talk to his daughter makes you smile at how special it is for this little girl is to have him as a dad. He literally walked around the baby shower wearing his new baby carrier with a huge grin on his face.

In December, Amelia Clare was born. The sweetest little babe. Amelia (uh-mel-yah) was named after our grandmother, a strong, tough-as-nails, funny, beautiful little Mexican woman who stole all of our hearts. She loved birds, and taking care of her flowers, camping, and sitting around laughing and gossiping with all the ladies; she loved her family and she left all of us too very soon. When Annah was pregnant she didn’t want to know the sex of the baby, so at the baby shower we all took guesses as to whether or not it was a boy or a girl. I said privately to my grandpa, “What do you think? I think it’s a boy.” He said, “Nope. It’s a girl. A little Amelia.” He was right.

What a precious little girl we welcomed into this world and what a privilege to be named after someone so special. I’ve never been sentimental about a name and naming your child after those you love, but when I look at her I get super emotional and I see my grandma and her silly little smile and know she would be so happy and proud.

So much love for this growing family and their new baby girl.


Also because I miss her so much, here is one of my favorite photos of my grandma and how I remember her always.

grandma mel.jpg
Lauren Crawford