I'm in love with all things furry.

Almost two years ago the Crawford family adopted our very own Great Dane pup, Gizmo. His arrival was long awaited as we had been talking about him for YEARS, and my husband already knew his name even before he and I had ever met.  Gizmo is a giant human-sized goofball that fills our home with joy. We currently don't have people babies of our own, but we do have one large rambunctious fur-baby.

In the two years we have been so fortunate to have Gizmo in our family we have learned a lot about ourselves and being parents, as silly as that may seem to some. Gizmo has not been graced with the best of health, but he would never let you know it. If he has taught me anything it is that this life we live is short, so never take it for granted -chase ducks, dig in the dirt, and eat as much snow as possible!

Happy 2nd Birthday Gizmo Moon!

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