I want to see the world from every angle. I love days spent at the lake, impromptu dance parties, Bloody Mary brunches, the mountains, the ocean, anything outdoors really. I'm a sucker for all things furry, namely my Great Dane pup, Gizmo, and I am most happy adventuring through life and the world with my husband, Daniel. 

I have always loved taking photographs. I love how you can look through photos and feel everything you felt in those moments. They are small snippets of who you were at that place & time and a reminder of all the little anecdotes that have come to make up your grand life.

Photography doesn't have to  consist of a lot of strict posing, forced smiles, and artificial light. It can be so much more than that.

I want to make beautiful photographs to add to your life's collection. Ones that lift you up and make you "feel all the feels". I want to capture the real story, the real emotions, and not just your pretty faces -those will be included of course ;)


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